Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Needles Clicking Again!

I know, it's strange when Knittipina is quiet. I was sick of the flu most of last week and spent last weekend trying to get the knitting groove back.

Spent some time spring cleaning too, and to my horror found three undocumented projects that never took off the ground. I promptly frogged them and rewound the yarn. Sometimes when you start something offhand and don't make notes of what you were planning to make, it's hard to get up the motivation to continue with it, especially since you can't remember what it's supposed to be or who it's for. They were left untouched for far too long.

I am looking evilly at my bookcase. Some of the old books there will be donated to a provincial library, to make space for my knitting books, stash and general paraphernalia. The spring cleaning will be thorough! Well, it will take a while, but I need to reorganize my little universe (reclaim rest space, reduce clutter, repurpose items, make space for items on my general wish list).

In the meantime, I continue with Mimi's cappuccino socks...

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