Friday, February 13, 2009

On The Needles

... are a pair of cable rib ankle socks, in light blue cotton. This is something I started last December but only managed to knit a couple of rows every now and then. The good thing is that I have finished one sock and am just past the heel on the other.

And then the 40" plastic cable and one bamboo needle decide to separate ways. AAARRRRRGHHHH!!! I will be gluing them back together tomorrow morning. Fortunately I have 32" needles for backup.

Did you know, standard bamboo toothpicks from the supermarket make great cable needles? They're actually a US size 1.

This is actually my second pair, the first one are already with Incredible Joie. Due to a stupid miscounting of stitches (yes, that'll teach me to cast one when I'm sleepy) I end up knitting 2 sets of 2x2 ribbing instead of purling them. Regular folks wouldn't notice, but I do, and I just finished them because I'd already gone and finished one. The one that's on the needles now have the correct number of stitches, knitted according to my handwritten notes.

I brought them with me to Baguio, but when your little niece always wants to be playing there's not much you can accomplish. I went back to them today, until the cable separation occurred.

I gave up and made myself a sandwich of Kiwifruit honey and Brie on wholewheat. THAT always works.

P. S. TDM's socks aren't even past the heel yet! That'll be good for another blog entry. The year started out pretty rough for me, I need to get back into a knitting frame of mind.

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