Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sneaking In A Few Stitches

Lilo, Incredible Joie's precious little 3yo tyke, is going to the neighborhood Halloween party this Saturday in a Hawaiian dancer getup. The last time she did so, she was way bothered by having her tube top shifting unceremoniously up and down while she did her floor-sweeping "freestyle Hawaiian breakdancing" routine. Which everyone enjoyed amid much hilarity, because she brought the house down and created a fan club among the neighbors. She was also particularly bothered by people commenting that they could see her bellybutton. How refreshing to see a little modesty in today's children (which disappears more quickly than we can register our surprise at how quickly they grow up)! Indeed, tube tops are not meant to be either belts or even miniskirts. Even in toddlers. Martial Arts Daddy isn't mentally prepared to filter her visitors list this early. I decide to help out by knitting a yellow cotton halter top long enough to cover the navel.

I want the item to fit right now, with a little ease built into the K4 x P4 rib for the next 4-6 months (I'll give it 4, unless she shoots up and doesn't grow much sideways). The size is based on a "Kentucky" brand cotton cami size 8. It's my own pattern, with some armhole shaping help from Sharon Turner, she of the Teach Yourself Visually Sweater Master Pattern. By my own I mean I drew myself a schematic with measurements in inches and just knitted to shape.

While waiting for TDM to fetch me for our lunch date I am trying to knit 192 sts x half an inch. To the jazz-rock sounds of the Dave Matthews Band (I know they have a new album out, but I spent my money on yarn... forgive me, Dave).

Oops. I only managed 2 rows, TDM is downstairs waiting in the car.

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