Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yellow Halter Modeled!

Little Girl: (Excited) Yaya, what's that?

Yaya: It's for your hair, Isabel has one too. (One of her neighbor playmates.)

Little Girl: Okay. (Fidget. Fidget.)

Incredible Joie: Anak, sit still please. Auntie, I can't believe you made that.

Auntie Gravelcat: Neither can I. It looks better than I thought. Thank God!

Yaya Lea: Andyan na ang marching band! Let's go! Baka antukin itong bata tapos mamaya masungit. (She's beginning to look sleepy, we better go before she gets cranky.)

Incredible Joie: Auntie, bilis, I need my sd card. I need to take pix of the parade.

Auntie Gravelcat: Sure Mommy, I've blogged it na.

Oh my darling girl, you make my finger cramps so worth it. I love you.


gene said...

wow! it really looks good! i can't imagine the possibilities for my little one! *excited*

Mimi said...

Aww...too cute!!
Aren't you glad of the challenge...maybe you'll get more inspired to make wearables now ;)

Velvet said...

What a lucky lucky anak!!!! She looks adorable in that outfit - and with all the flowers, too! Reminds me of Lilo and Stitch (I never even saw the movie) - so cute!

The Gravelcat said...

Oh, I'm definitely inspired! I feel like I can make anything now! (Well, almost, hahaha.)