Monday, June 22, 2009

Knittipina Report 003

What have I been up to?

[Before this I was derailed by a couple of vintage fountain pens I was restoring to working order. Maybe I should have a separate pen blog for that.]

I got a little tired of knitting the lace wrap thingy, so I'm putting that aside. I actually started a basic tank top that I am making from scratch (writing pattern as I go, but made with tips from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation and Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design. Woke up very early last Friday with a low grade fever, and couldn't sleep, so I made me a schematic based on my favorite cotton v-neck t-shirt.

I knitted steadily, got my proportions wrong, and unraveled half my work. Today, since I am still recovering from that souvenir from the flu season, I discovered where I went wrong and am prepared to frog the whole thing. Yes, the masochistic Gravelcat will start all over again! This should be frustrating for most people, but you see I had a Eureka moment. Today my best friends are my yarn winder, my measuring tape, my calculator, and of course, my needles.

Worldwide Knit in Public Day was a no-go for me, as it wasn't wise to leave quarantine, what with the AH1N1 virus spreading in nearby schools. My friend May told me to stop knitting as I might be knitting continuously into the night. Yes, that danger is ever present, but then my fingers need rest too.

May you all knit in the best of health!


Jinky said...

now you're designing! can't wait to see it good luck. xoxox

The Gravelcat said...

Hahaha, I ripped it out 3x and the latest knitting was pretty neat. Plain, mostly stockinette and shaping. In the meantime, I started a cami for Lilo based on a t-shirt of hers. That one I finished the front of. Starting the back, but need to buy one more ball of the color I'm using (ran out).