Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Knit-Related Wallpapers

I downloaded this from Lion Brand's recent selection. I guess it plays to my inherent wish to upholster that wire chair with its own knitted cover...

This one, by Knitpicks, I actually find useful (the other version of "Felici" is also pretty, but a bit too cool in terms of colors for my taste). Download your wallpapers here.

I looked at this wallpaper everyday and wondered why I bought the warmer, plummy colors of the lace sampler. I realized I should buy the above sampler as well.

Not to be outdone, Vogue Knitting shares the above shot, from their VK Stitchionary Volume 1. There are a few others to choose from as well.

Here's an urban legend designed to catch the fancy of many hot-blooded knitters, provided by Knitting On The Net:

(As far as Russell Crowe's reps know, he does NOT knit, but whoever did this sure has a sense of humor!)


Mimi said...

I love the yarn colors from the VK picture!
I've seen that Russell Crowe pic a while back, didn't know it was yet to be proven that he actually knits :p

The Gravelcat said...

Hi Mimi, I love the colors too, very earthy and organic looking. I think the wooden needles are pretty, but I keep reading that they tend to break when one is knitting in a very excited way, hahaha :)