Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sending Some Love

To every person who works hard at their craft and reaps warm regard, I send love. To those who feel doubt that they will finish what they started, I send love and encouragement. To those who feel inadequate and are afraid to start, I send you love, and love of learning. To those who worry they can't afford to do things or feel they don't have the time or support, I send love and the Universe's abundance. To those who make mistakes I send love and the willingness to start all over and do right. To those who feel frustrated and angry, I send love and more love. To those who feel pain because they do too much of what they love, I send love and awareness of the need for balance. To those who suffer the unkindness of others, I send love and strength. To those who feel timid, I send love and a sense of adventure. To those who feel sad, I send love, friendship and ice cream. To those who are happy, I send love and opportunities to spread the joy.

I have been all of these. Thank you for everything. Now let's send love to Ste

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