Thursday, December 11, 2008

Customizable Needle Sets

Got this interesting link from my friend Jinky (lyfasastitcher over at Plurk) who discovered Kinki Amibari bamboo circular interchangeable needles!

I know for a fact that Clover brand Japanese-made bamboo crochet hooks and knitting needles are very expensive here in Manila. It's a preferred brand on eBay as well, and priced accordingly. However, the interchangeable mechanism on these Kinki Amibari needles look pretty well-engineered. They even have 9" circulars for small circumference projects!

Must warn you though: I tried accessing the downloadable Knitting Accessories pdf catalogs, and this caused my Firefox 3 to crash. Three times. I can't imagine why, but then I'm only using a modest-processor netbook and not a core 2 duo machine. Anyway, FF3 filed a report and they'll probably look into it.

God is telling me that I have enough (cheaper, made in China) bamboo fixed circulars and (lifetime warranty, made in Germany) Addi Turbos from pre-recession era and that I shouldn't forget to give thanks! I do, I do! I make useful stuff using them! Laborare est orare! (To work is to pray.)

Time was when the Knitpicks nickel-plated interchangeables and their Harmony wood interchangeables were the relatively affordable must-haves. (They still are, based on price points. But I am a fixed circulars girl.)

Trust Jinky to find more new knitting items to drool over. She also referred to me Signature Needle Arts, who offer interchangeable knitting needle points (talk about customization!), and I can bet the "stiletto point" will be one of her must-haves, since she is very brave and does bigger lace projects. However my knitting budget for this year is way done, and I must knit more stuff to show for everything I have bought.

Yes, Jenny. THIS is the reason why I haven't been spending on my fountain pens.

Knitting is joy. Joy to the world!


Gogirl Racing said...

No wonder you haven't gotten any new fountain pens lately - there's a lot of drool-worthy stuff in knitting, too! I know what you mean - I've broken my budget over quilting things before. ;)

green zebra studio said...

Hahaha! I like that, "God is telling me that I have enough bamboo fixed circulars."

I think I will adopt that as my motto, "Laborare est orare." Very nice saying. First time I'm heard it but it makes perfect sense.

Para que dasal ng dasal sa simbahan kung ang pamilya ay nakakalimutan alagaan, diba?

How ironic. The word verification for this comment was "philban". Ban the 'Pinas? Hmmm.

Crafting is joy! Craft or die!

The Gravelcat said...

Hi Neni, actually I wanted to take a photograph of two fountainpens used to knit. If I could only make a coat of arms like that, how could it could be!

Now Kathy, one day you might design it for me, hehehe :)