Monday, December 22, 2008

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All

These days we are so caught up in the rounds of parties and gift-giving, that the meaning of Christmas gets lost.

Thank you Lord for the following (and more!):

1) gatherings full of good food, music and laughter
2) the enjoyable company of good friends and loved ones
3) peace to the troubled
4) rest for the weary
5) forgiveness and understanding from the people whose items I have not finished knitting
6) the ability to surprise people in a good way
7) patience when planning for successful events
8) good cheer in trying times
9) strength, good health and safe conduct for all
10) abundant love all around

There's more, but they'll come to mind later.

Special prayers go out to my college friend Margie E, who is recuperating from her operation in New Delhi. As Amy says, we're storming the gates of Heaven for this one :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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