Monday, December 8, 2008

Mimicat's Cappuccino Socks

I think these are supposed to be called Caramel Macchiatto socks but that's way too long. The color way is Cannon mercerized cotton MB073, a nice tan-khaki shade with a nice sheen that is in Mimi A's list of personal favorites. Again, the pattern is based on Ann Budd's basic socks, but can be made using the Yarn Harlot's basic pattern as well. These were made with Magic Loop, with a 32+32 stitch cast on, 2 x 2 ribbing, using US 1 or 2.25mm carbonized bamboo circular needles 40" long (you can use 32" as well).

They're for Mimi's birthday, which was sometime last November. I was supposed to have met up with her around then to give her these, but work got in the way and you all know how the season makes schedules crazy. In exchange, I asked for some pink Cannon thread, which I am using in turn for something for Gene's baby. Mimi and Gene are my Ravelry friends here in Manila that I've been communicating with on a semi-regular basis, via our blogs and other social networks. I'm sorry the socks are a little late, Mimi, but they're here, finally. Belated happy birthday!

Note: The carbonized bamboo needles are sooo nice and easy to work with! Honestly, there's not much difference in feel between the carbonized and the blonde bamboo needles, but I can see that the carbonized ones are not as likely to break easily. Worth the slight difference in price.


Mimi said...

Thought I wouldn't look, but I couldn't resist ;) Thank you Mona! I love the color and style...I can't believe its made from our local thread - I'm amazed at your talent!
Looking forward to meet you soon :)

The Gravelcat said...

Turtlbunny (US-based Pinay) from Ravelry is a fan of your socks :) She can't believe it about cotton either.

Me too! So looking forward to meeting you as well.

There's thread left over from the balls, I'm making that into a drawstring bag for the socks :)