Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meeting Another Raveler

I actually met Jinky of Life As A Stitcher before I met Mimi. Jinky and her family arrived for a summer vacation on the first week of May, and were a bit concerned that the rainy season had arrived early. On the other hand, they were thrilled about the possibility that their daughters could experience walking in the soft rain. They are based in Riyadh, where Jinky's husband works as an engineer - the idea of rain suddenly added another dimension to their trip.

Some time before Jinky's trip, I informed her that my cousin was flying to Manila from the US for our family reunion, and if there was anything she wanted to order by way of knitting paraphernalia or pattern book. Two items were on her wish list:

Knitpicks' Options set of interchangeable circular knitting needles

and Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace of Estonia.

Jinky is an experienced, talented knitter. She collects paraphernalia, shares techniques and tips with friends, and has an amazing catalog of Finished Objects. She also loves lace, and in order to attempt beautiful shawl patterns like the ones you are looking at on the cover of Nancy Bush's book, you would need the interchangeable needles set. (The other needles and cables work as "lifelines" when you stretch out your work in progress.) Both items were quite light. The book is a trade paperback sized like a coffeetable book. When my cousin dropped them off, I realized that one day, I'd like to get both the set and the book for myself as well. The idea of making something that pretty is a challenge.

She gifted me with some Inox 2.5mm circular needles when we met - one of the most useful sizes for most of my projects. (Oh yes, it's funny how we knitters enable each other.) Thank you, Jinky!

Here is a photo of us outside Carolina's Megamall (we're smiling, not least because of the sign nearby that screamed "SALE"). With us was my sister Incredible Joie - they got along like a house on fire because Joy follows Jinky's crochet projects. Joy's blog is under construction and will soon cross-post in Knittipina. If you're a mommy, you'll understand why it's taking so long.

The crocheted item I'm holding is the camera case Joy made. I'll be seeing Jinky again soon before she returns to Riyadh, and destashing by giving her some pretty silky aqua Familia yarn I got in Divisoria (don't worry, I kept the silver).

This meeting fellow Ravelers is fun! I should do this more often! (I should also finish more projects, but then I'm at the mercy of my eyesight.)

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Mimi said...

Nice to know you had a wonderful meeting :) Would be glad to meet Jinky both are serious knitters I can tell ;)

The Gravelcat said...

She is a serious crafter, she has two great kids to knit and crochet for. I think it's her passion, apart from badminton.

Jinky said...

Hi Mimi, thanks for the knitpicks and the book, love them, i consider them as one of my prized (priced? lol) posssessions...
pwede sa uulitin?

To Mimi, oh I hope so too we can meet maybe next year with Mona and Joie ulit?