Monday, May 25, 2009

Olive Green Slippers by Mimi Alelis

Last December I am sure some of you saw my blog entry about a pair of plain cappuccino socks I made for crochet designer Mimi Alelis, here and on Ravelry. She made this lovely and snug-fitting pair of slippers for me in exchange, from my favorite color of mercerized cotton.

Here are the slippers, folded flat.

Add ImageAnd here they are, on me:

Do they fall off when I walk? No. Are they comfortable? Yes. My feet are narrow and flat, and these manage to fit me EXACTLY. The amazing thing is that, after months of exchanging messages on Ravelry, Mimi and I met for the very first time at Chocolate Kiss coffee shop at the University of the Philippines campus last Wednesday, May 20th. I'd never met a needlecraft designer before! In my excitement, I forgot to bring a camera. *knocks head against wall*

Mimi arrived carrying a box of threads, and she showed me the front half of the kid's dress she had knit. I was knitting pen tubes, with small-repeat lace stitches. My mom joined us briefly. We chatted and chatted until sunset arrived.

One day perhaps our small group of friends should have a Stitch n' Bitch Diliman hangout. Nothing but knitting, crochet, needlecraft and talk. And coffee/tea/juice. Amy (Dreaming Knitter) wasn't feeling well that day, and new mommy Gene (geneinthebattle) was busy with newborn Una. Yes, I know, it's funny we can talk crafting all day without really noticing we're doing it. But I guess it's the same with guys and cars.

Wishlist items: A living room for 12. A clean bathroom. A coffeemaker. A shelf with pattern books. A plate of cookies. Friends, needles, fiber, chat.

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Mimi said...

Hi Mona, that would be my wishlist too! I would like so much to have a regular meeting with you, Gene, Bheng, Amy and more...
Someone has to remember to take pictures! Would you know, I had a camera then but totally forgot to use it :(
By the way, have you tried Anchor thread size 10? For baby socks, I think 1 ball is enough. I can give you one from my stash ;)