Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knittipina Report 002

Sometimes people go off their favorite activities for different reasons:

1) An alternate hobby has become their obsession. In an effort to simplify my life, I divided my interests into 3 main areas: gadgets, knitting, and fountain pens. For a good while, fountain pen collecting took over my daily thoughts. Once I started winning auctions on eBay I was, for a while, on a roll. When I tallied how much I had spent on fountain pens and inks and paper since the start of this year, I realized it was practically the equivalent of what I spent on knitting needles and yarns and pattern books last year. Prudence made me decide to stop and enjoy what I already owned for the meantime. (Since all my gadgets worked fine, there was no need to add to them, or to their accessories.)

2) Health issues. My thyroid was acting up, and I couldn't really concentrate much on projects. Now that my cyst has lessened in size, I no longer worry about it as much.

3) Travel. I brought my lace knitting with me from Cavite all the way to Laoag (practically the left coast of Luzon island) and back, for an international family reunion -- and managed to knit ONE INCH of pattern. Happily, it was much admired by my aunties, who have been knitting and crocheting since their teens. A couple of weeks later I brought the lace with me to the beach island of Boracay -- and managed to knit ANOTHER ONE INCH. Oh well, I was trying not to get any sunblock on my knitting. I did manage to knit on the beach front, and elicited the attention and conversation of a German lady on vacation.

Check out how far those trips were here on Encarta. Cavite is near Metro Manila, towards the bottom of Luzon. Laoag is on the top left of the island. And Boracay Island is just at the northern tip of Panay, across the city of Kalibo.

By the way, the summer stole is now around 24" in length.

4) Eyesight. The ear piece of my sexy librarian glasses broke off. This is what happens when you wrestle with little children. Fortunately, I have gotten new frames, although not as sexy as my old ones.

Enough with the excuses already! Suffice it to say that I have regained some of my knitting mojo since meeting up with Jinky (a friend from Ravelry), who recently arrived from abroad. We visited one of our favorite fabric-threads-notions superstores, Carolina's Megamall, and Jinky went home with some Monaco Raylon (200gms in cones) in really pretty colors.

Tonight, while watching a dvd I shall attempt to knit another inch or so of lace.

TDM's ribbed boyfriend socks are still stuck at the heel flap. I happened to choose a dark blue merino that makes it difficult for me to see my own stitches!

In the meantime, am planning to make some pink baby socks for Gene's newborn Una. And planning to finally meet up with Mimi, whose cappuccino socks have been with me since December.

Incredible Joie suffered a theft - some guy broke into her car while it was parked in front of her daughter's preschool, and stole her crochet WIP bag! She lost a set of crochet hooks and several squares for a baby blanket, plus a crochet reference book. Fortunately, except for the baby blanket squares, we were able to replace everything, even the broken car window. This didn't stop her... she has beaten me with her number of crochet Finished Objects. I may add some photos later, when she's organized her hard drive.

Cheers, friends :) I am knitting on!


Mimi said...

Hi Mona! Wow, seems a lot has been going on with you the past several weeks. Sorry, I didn't know about your thyroid problem till now. Hope its going to get back to normal soon.
I have not been so busy this summer, but I felt sick when the weather got so hot. Nothing particular that I can complain about except that I felt like my head did not belong to the rest of me :p Anyways, I feel good now...since its not that hot anymore, and I also ate talbos ng camote often.
I think we could finally meet next week. Please message me at Ravelry when you are available.
See you soon :)

gene + experiments said...

Though it is a bad occurrence, I still have to say that she's still lucky that she wasn't hurt and the thief only stole her crochet WIP bags but I know it is still frustrating to lose those squares she worked hard for.

With your report, you've been very busy huh. And despite the hectic schedule, you still have time to finish an inch of knitting at a time. With my practice stole, I can only finish up to 3 rows of knitted lace in one sitting before my impatient daughter starts to interrupt me, hahaha!

The Gravelcat said...

Gene, my sister was in the preschool with her daughter. The security guard called her because her car alarm went off. The thief probably saw her go inside the building, and got the bag, which he thought had expensive stuff in it. The stuff he took wasn't that expensive but Joy was peeved at losing the crochet WIPs. Anyhoo, she found thread for the same project and is continuing with it.

Mimi, I'll send you a message on Ravelry :)