Monday, September 1, 2008

Knitting Everywhere: At The Dentist's

I took my dad to see my dentist last Thursday. While he was having a tooth extracted I whipped out my Susan Bates 2.75mm dpns and tried to knit 40 sts around evenly. My first attempt was the night before; it was full of holes and ladders. I ripped it out and started the whole thing from scratch.

It's kind of difficult to knit Continental while holding 4 spiky objects. But I was determined to give it a try. With knitting, the more often I practice the better I get. Better as in less holes. Since I got into sock knitting I wanted to try the different methods. So far Magic Loop is the most efficient method for me, although I want to try Cat Bordhi's sock knitting on 2 short circulars.

I was at the clinic for 2 whole hours and didn't gain much headway. Dr. Elaine was enchanted at the idea that I knitted baby socks. My 1x1 rib on the dpns looked like they could put an eye out or two. I put it away and took out the Knitpicks circulars and actually finished a quarter inch worth of work by the time my dad was settling his bill.

We have a follow-up appointment next Monday. Hopefully I'll have something easier to do and more glamorous looking in my bag by then.

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