Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Knitting with Bamboo

I found some 14" bamboo straight needles at Dreams one Saturday, and since they were reasonably priced (under PhP 100/pair at Dreams, vs. PhP 36/pair in Divisoria -- the difference of which compensates for transport and parking costs) I got them in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

I tried knitting with them using DMC's lovely Senso crochet yarn (cotton-rayon spun) in green (cotton) with variegated lavender-to-turquoise-to-white (thinner rayon). The result looked like a summer lawn sprinkled with tiny flowers. And I discovered few things:

1) Stitches don't slip off because of the traction on the bamboo surface;
2) Therefore I can knit American/English style (with thread coming from right hand) without too much thinking!
3) Knitting is slower but I am enjoying not hearing the metal "clinking" I get with straight metal needles.
4) The points are a bit too round for me, but that's not too bad.

And so... I embarked on another crazy mission, which was to buy sets of bamboo circulars on eBay in 29" and 32" lengths. For USD 19.98 per set, and international shipping of USD 2.98 per set, it's not too bad. Comes out to roughly PhP 69/circular. I bought from an American knitter seller rather than one of those Shanghai or Hong Kong-based suppliers because I wanted to avoid communications issues (like Joy had with Joyce Supershop in HK). I also had it posted directly to my home address because people at the post office here are unlikely to steal bamboo needles.

Although I must say, the cooking chopsticks I bought in Unimart look like a US size 10 (6.5mm). And the ultra thin barbecue sticks that we like come out to a US size 1 or 2 (2.25-2.5mm).

I really wanted the bamboo for travelling. But when push comes to shove, I'll bring the barbecue sticks, hahaha!!!

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