Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sisterhood in Stitches

Ines J. told me once, "You're so lucky, you have a sister to knit with!" Joy doesn't knit though, she crochets. "Oh, that doesn't matter," she said, "at least you have someone WHO UNDERSTANDS. Someone who knows why you do what you do. Why you buy yarn. I have been knitting for so long, my son is already in his 30s. But sometimes I wonder if my husband knows the difference between knitting and crochet. He just calls everything 'gantsilyo'." Ines, mind you, makes beautiful things.

You know that situation where you both love to knit and blog? Where you want to do one and it prevents you from doing the other? I actually put off joining Ravelry for 3 months just so I could knit something and blog about it. Joy's been (st)itching to blog about crochet but could never get around to doing it because she was busy actually crafting. I invited Joy to contribute to this blog. Which means that while I'm knitting you can read her blogging! While she's crocheting you can read my blogging! Best of both worlds!

Eventually, I'll get her to join Ravelry (and the madness that comes with tool/fiber/pattern lust)!

How's that for bonding?


Running Knitter said...

Isn't it funny how ravelry takes so much time away from knitting? :)

The Gravelcat said...

You said it. It's not only Ravelry. I try to stay away from Etsy when I have priority work because when I go there I get totally derailed from whatever I'm supposed to be doing. I love these sites, but I keep getting happily lost in them too.

Mimi said...

Good idea to have a common blog. I enjoyed reading both your posts!