Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ningning's Candycane Ankle Socks

Note: Photo taken in fluorescent light without flash to give you an idea of the actual color.

Ningning went to Honolulu last month, and asked me if she could get me anything. "I hope it's not too heavy," I said, "but could you manage a book?" I wanted Ann Budd's Getting Started Knitting Socks. Yes, I could have ordered it on Amazon for less, but it would have taken forever to arrive.

I promised the pinkaholic Ningning a pair of pink socks, and had just the right Cannon crochet cotton, in white-pink-red gradient (#S0016). Ankle socks too, because nobody seems to wear longer socks in this climate except school kids.

Leisurely knitted, I finished one sock on the Saturday afternoon of Sept. 6. Ten days later (ie., last night) I managed to finish the second sock. No second sock syndrome, I just had a million things going on in between. I practically knitted this pair without looking at Ines' handwritten version of the pattern anymore. A portion of the second sock was knitted while waiting in line at the dentist the other day.

It was actually while reading Ann Budd's book that I realized that what I'd been calling the Tita Ting pattern (the original of which I thought was from Lion Brand) was practically word for word Ann Budd's. So when I registered this project in Ravelry I filed it under Ann Budd's Basic Socks. I know it's probably a Chicken and Egg situation, but let me clarify: Tita Ting's version was written for Magic Loop while Ann Budd's was for 4 dpns. I resist knitting with dpns only because I lack practice, but a thorough reading of the patterns from the book led to numbers clicking into place in my head. Now I (think I) know how to convert from dpns to Magic Loop...

Ningning -- many, many thanks for getting me the book, and I hope you enjoy these socks :)


Mimi said...

I love this!! Do you take orders??
I didn't even recognize the Cannon thread, it looks so good when knitted into socks.

The Gravelcat said...

Well, I haven't tried taking orders yet. I suppose I could :) When you feel the individual Cannon thread it doesn't feel soft enough for socks, but when you knit it up with a big enough needle, it's nice and soft. 2.75-3mm needles work really well!

Three measurements if made to fit:

1) Length of foot from big toe to heel in inches
2) Instep measurement around the widest part of the foot (arch to top around)
3) Measurement around the ankle just above the bone.

I don't know how to cost yet, though. If it's for you, I'm willing to trade it for 3 balls of another crochet thread color, hahaha :)

Mimi said...

I would be so proud to have my own custom made knitted socks from you, Mona!
Would you...? How long does it take for you to finish a pair?

I took the measurements...hahaha...
1) 9 1/4 inches
2) 8 3/4 inches
3) 7 3/4 inches

The Gravelcat said...

I'll make you a pair (excited, haha) but will have to start it after this weekend pa. Lots of Halloween and Nanay's birthday activities this weekend kasi :)
For adult socks it's roughly 6 hours per sock at the fastest if that was the only thing I did. In reality I spread it over 3 days if I can because of other activities.

What colorway/s do you like? If you have a favorite Cannon shade/multicolor selection, let me know the color number so I can get you what you prefer. Will email you a list of what I have, yung nasa Ravelry hindi complete kasi I don't have time to take pix and upload.

Still thinking of what color number to trade for, also.

Mimi said...

Yay, I'm excited!
I can't decide pa on what color, and please let me know what colors you have when you are ready to make it.
A total of 12 hours for a pair - that is awesome! I tried to make baby socks with double-pointed needles and I got so stressed over it :p I don't think I could ever knit a pair, but I'm hoping that when I get to have what you made, that would inspire me to learn ;)
Let me know early on what colors you want, that you couldn't find in the store (for Cannon or Anchor). Thanks!!

The Gravelcat said...

"Weekend socks" are usually fast because they're all in stockinette :) I could manage fast socks in ribbing, I suppose, but cable or lace socks would take a week or two if I were disciplined enough.

That would be for size 5.5 to 7.5 socks. Anything bigger than that, naku.

My current stash in Ravelry has color numbers, and I think I have Monaco beige and choco brown there. Sometimes I find Monaco even softer than Cannon.