Monday, July 14, 2008

Crafty Ladies: Lilli and Ines

Last Saturday after lunch I proceeded to Glorietta 2 for my date with Ines. I had no idea who else would be there, but I called first to make sure they were around. Had the good luck to finally meet Lilli!

Lilli noted that like most of the knitters in her group, I knitted Continental, while Ines knitted American style. Apparently Continental knitting is in again. I brought Ines the free diaper cover pattern, plus a free Bernat baby kimono pattern. Ines brought 2 projects, some baby socks and the start of a chocolate brown Lion Brand 100% cotton yarn afghan. I brought along Lilo's coral blouse as an example of what I'd finished, the current yellow dress front, and some practice cabling from a couple of days before.

I told Ines that the joins of my magic loop weren't that tight during my first attempt at home, but she said it had happened to her too on her first try. It really takes a lot of practice. I should have freed up my 2.5mm circulars so that I could start learning magic loop properly, but they were on the yellow dress project. So I didn't actually start on my socks lesson. Maybe on Tuesday afternoon. We ended up talking about how we got into knitting, and about the things we were still excited to learn.

Ines wanted to learn how to work with two colors. I told her about learning it from my Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlecraft (Sydney,1987 - now out of print), but like most people I guess she learns faster from demonstration. I'll probably bring 2 colors of Monaco thread and some needles for that tutorial, apart from the materials for my learning to knit the socks. She was so pleased.

Lilli was doing hardanger, a sort of white-on-white embroidery on linen canvasthat involved some cutwork. The finished product looks much like lace, only geometric. It's for a wedding-ring pillow for her son's upcoming marriage ceremony. In the course of our conversation it turns out that she is the niece of my favorite English teacher in UPIS! And as part of the De Leon clan, she used to go to our church (UP Church of the Risen Lord)! Small world!

As for Ines, I asked if she was a fellow Ilongga, because she would inject the word "dason" ("and then") in her sentences. Turns out that she is from Iloilo (my mom is from near Bacolod). She is a great believer in cotton for most projects. The chocolate brown afghan she is making she wanted to trim with olive green, but there was no olive green available, so she asked the Dreams staff to wind for her a 3-strand ball of Cannon. Which gave me an idea... when the Royal Yarn Winder Joy ordered for me in the US arrives, I'll be able to do the same thing at home!

Lilli will be traveling to Hong Kong soon to get her new orders. Hopefully there will be cable needles in that box. And size 3.5mm and 5.5mm Addi Turbos... And my wish list goes on, hahaha.

I'll be seeing the other crafty ladies Tuesday afternoon.

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