Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tuesday Knitting Group

After coming from a business breakfast meeting last Tuesday I had some time to pass by our local yarn shop Dreams, in Glorietta 2. It's run by Lilli de Leon, a lady whose work with DMC inspired her to put up her own shop. She carries most of the stuff you'd expect of a modest LYS in the US or Singapore, and offers lessons. Two months ago I called her to find out whether she would stock Addi Turbos in specific sizes. That phone call inspired my first ever (don't laugh) MRT ride to Ayala, in fear that the needles would sell out fast. Lilli told me about a group of ladies who meet every Tuesday to do needlecraft together and share techniques. This got me all excited, but time passed and I forgot about it. Yes, last Tuesday I met three senior ladies, Pacita, Nora and Ines. Nora mentioned that the rest usually came after lunch, by which time things would get more lively. Unfortunately Lilli was not there yet. That's the second time I've missed meeting her.

Pacita does tatting and a Japanese embroidery technique, and gauging from samples of her work, she's VERY good. She said she was interested in learning bobbin lace, which Lilli is presently passionate about. Nora enjoys knitting, and showed me some baby socks in the works (one set circulars technique - MUST LEARN!). Ines was also knitting baby socks in a different pattern, and said that if I would join them Tuesdays (also Saturdays in Ines' case) she would teach me how to make baby and adult socks! How could I resist! She uses Monaco or Cannon crochet cotton with 2.5mm (US size 2) Addi Turbos. I will be there this Saturday. Pronto!

Ines asked me to show something I'd made, so maybe I'll bring Lilo's baby dress. I told her about this free pattern for a vintage knitted "soaker panty" or diaper cover that babies used to wear over cloth diapers when disposable nappies weren't invented yet. Apparently, using natural fibers meant that babies back then didn't suffer nappy rash. Babies using cloth diapers were also toilet trained earlier. I told her that the use of knitted diaper covers is coming back in vogue in the US, and I'm sure pretty soon some moms in the Philippines will follow suit. Since one of her sons just started a family and now works overseas, she was mightily enthused by the idea. I'll print it out for her when I go. I'll also bring the acrylic practice version I made (too warm for the Philippines, methinks).

I had to leave in order to get home in time for lunch and get back to work, but while I was there I got myself some double-pointed needles (in sizes US 1, 2 and 3) and some irresistible mystery yarn from the sale bin (fingering weight, in brown, yellow and cream). I went there wondering if they had cable needles, but those were out of stock. Fortunately I could use dpn's in the meantime. I want to learn cabling to be able to make gifts from male friends and family, and as detailing for garments.

Ambitious, hey? Yes, but more like inspired. You get that from meeting new friends who knit.

[Dreams. G/F Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati City. Tel. 894-5380. Lessons offered in cross stitch, hardanger, tatting, knitting and crochet. Lilli de Leon, teacher and owner.]

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