Thursday, July 3, 2008

Knitting Tutorials on YouTube

Amy, based in Quezon City, teaches Knitting for Beginners. I am not actually a beginner, but whenever I read her blog or contact her through our Filipino Knitters Yahoogroup she founded, I've been learning new things.

For instance, I used to wonder why my bind off was rather tight. I eventually solved that with a crocheted bind off, but it never occurred to me that I could use bigger needles, or to knit into every other stitch as I bind off. (Obviously I didn't read a lot of knitting magazines or books until recently.) I also wondered why Lola Mama taught me to hold my yarn source from my left hand, when I could see in pictures that most people wrapped yarn around their right-hand needles before making the stitch. I finally learned from Amy that my knitting style is Continental (as is hers). I just thought that it helped me regulate my knitting tension better. According to Amy, Continental knitters tend to purl more loosely than they knit, so that was one thing I was determined to control.

Still, I was very glad to read a blog entry listing some knitting tutorials on YouTube. There was a discussion in our yahoogroup on knitting books and how much they cost, so you can imagine I have only a few to my name (mostly bought on sale). I'm interested in a Magic Loop tutorial, and I know there is one somewhere. It's one of my ambitions to be able to make a pair of socks. I don't care if they're lopsided, as long as I made them.

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