Friday, July 4, 2008

Lilo's Coral Babydoll Blouse

Ok, I had to post this already, I took photos without waiting for the blouse to be washed. I couldn't wait! We tried it on Lilo, adjusted the strap length one last time, and wove in the dangling ends of thread you see here. This is a two-sister project: Auntie knitted the body and assembled it, Mommy crocheted the edging and the straps. THIS is bonding!

This is a children's size 6 blouse. There's no pattern, I just made a schematic based on one of Lilo's existing blouses adjusted for size. There are 4 pieces, assembled before adding the crocheted embellishments. It's all in stockinette stitch, with shaped armholes.

2.5 balls of Monaco mercerized crochet cotton (P19/ball in Divisoria, P25/ball from Carolina's Megamall)
Addi Turbo Premium 2.5mm 80cm (32") circular needles (P270 from LYS Dreams Glorietta 2)

Here's the crocheted shell stitch hem detail:

1. Since I knit Continental, I can see where the purls are looser than the knit stitches. The right side of the bodice shows some stitches bigger than the others, and they slant to the right. It bothers me. Just a little bit. No, it really bothers me. Must purl more tightly next time.
2. I drew the schematic on a piece of paper which promptly got lost. I should make another one to put in my knitting projects notebook, with measurement details like they do in the Lion Brand free patterns, so I can make it in another size for another kid, or in another color when Lilo grows bigger.
3. Must improve finishing techniques so that seams match up properly. My vertical side seams match ok, but am not satisfied with the neatness of the the horizontal empire seam.
4. This is my first project using Addi Turbos. They ARE the fastest knit in the East! [Will compare when I receive my Knitpicks needles later this month.] Best investment ever. I have some more coming in other sizes that I had ordered from Ebay. Lifetime warranty pa!

But the important thing is, Lilo likes it! Mommy and Auntie did a good job!

Handmade is beautiful.


MaggieB said...

After your nice comment on my blog, I had to see who this was that was knitting in the Philippines! (I lived there for 3 years in the 1980s) I have to say that I found it nearly impossible to knit there, but I wasn't doing lace yet, and that works great when it is hot and humid (at least, I can do it anywhere in the summer here).
Keep on knitting, and your description of what your friend did, giving you a pattern and note, when you admired her lace, is an excellent one. I may do that myself!

greenzebrastudio said...

It looked really nice. I wouldn't worry about the loose section behind. Lilo won't even notice them.

Jazz said...

Very nice! Mom (Auntie Lil) said she used to knit and crochet "alot", and tatting too. Joyce and I had much beloved crocheted dresses and of course all the curtains in Diliman..."And macrame bags during the war!" Mom is up visiting now so we're reading your blog!

I'm at Vox: Come on over!

Jasmin (Tacal) Cramer

The Gravelcat said...

Hi jazz!!!

So glad you found me here. Heading over to your blog.

Hugs (hi to Mike)!

soknitpicky said...

Hi! This turned out beautifully! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I didn't mean to ignore it for so long, but Blogger didn't notify me of a new comment like it normally does. If you try the tank, I think making a schematic based on a tank you already have like you did for this top would be a good way to make sure the armhole fits the way you would like. Good luck!