Thursday, July 3, 2008

Knitting Organizer Bag from Make Room

This is my Knitting Organizer Bag. I got it from the Make Room branch inside Rustan's Tower in Shangrila Mall, for about P295, just before Mother's Day. It's actually an organizer bag. Women who change handbags often are supposed to transfer all contents from one bag to another using THIS one. The very thing for Nanay, who manages to leave her house keys and senior citizen's id in the bag left at home. I thought I'd get one for myself, since I saw

4 main compartments
2 mesh inside pockets
1 solid nylon inside pocket
1 inside zip pocket
1 zip coin purse attached to main bag with lobster claw hook on a flat woven cord
1 flat woven cord with double coil jump ring for keys
2 outside pockets
and velcro to hold the thing closed if necessary.

The yellow knitting you see there is the bottom of a mercerized cotton toddler dress for Lilo. It has 8 repeats of Feather & Fan border before segueing into stockinette stitch. I have about 5 inches of knitting into this panel. The front and the back will be the same, the dress will have shaped armholes and a square neck with crocheted spaghetti straps. The fiber is a lemon yellow Cannon thread, sold in the malls for about P25 a ball, in Divisoria for about P19. I estimate I'll use about 4-5 balls. And no, there is actually no pattern for this. I made a paper pattern from one of Lilo's existing dresses, but adjusted for a child's size 8 (she is currently a 6). I'm so excited about it, since already it looks so pretty and it's in Lilo's favorite color.


assorted circular needles
2 pairs rubber point protectors
plastic knitting gauge ruler
measuring tape
small scissors
tapestry needles
stitch markers
one plastic container of round-headed straight pins
huge plastic coated paper clips (to use as stitch holders)
knitting supplier calling cards
wooden nostepinde (a 9"-long wooden dowel used for handwinding yarn into balls)
clip-on snakehead LED light powered by 3 watch batteries
Victorinox swiss knife
hot pink toothbrush case containing (4) 2.0mm dp needles, 3 crochet hooks
Visual Quick Tips: Knitting handbook

This bag is so handy for carrying work around the house! I do have a Work-In-Progress bag, a cheap P25 Winnie The Pooh zip bag with woven nylon handles (like the kind you put your Divi shopping in, but 7" x 7" x 4", made of waterproofed woven plastic straw). That usually contains yarn, the WIP, needles, scissors, a crochet hook and tape measure.

It's so lovely to know one's knitting paraphernalia are always at hand.


greenzebrastudio said...

Oooohhh!!! I like the idea of having your crafting stuff in an organized tote rather than in a cabinet somewhere.

Perfect for the crafter on the go!

The Gravelcat said...

I have a smaller one which I got free from National Bookstore. I bring that with me when I travel so I don't leave stuff on the table I work on.

There are cheaper and different-sized versions of this in SM Department Store! I only saw them two months after I'd bought this one. But this is a good size to have.