Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stash: Sale Bin Mystery Yarns!

Welcome to sneak peeks of my stash. This is my contribution to the worldwide phenomenon of "yarn porn" (the term, my friends, is not mine, nor new, hahaha). Tactile fiber goodness!

Last Tuesday when I met the senior knitters at Lilli's Dreams boutique (see previous post) it was while looking for cable needles. I didn't find any, but I did get me some Susan Bates Quicksilver double-pointed needles in US 1 (2.25mm) , 2 (2.75mm) and 3 (3.25mm) to use just in case. I wanted to learn sock-knitting from Ines, but while I waited for the time I would be able to see my volunteer teachers on Saturday (or Tuesday), I might as well learn cable stitches...

I really wasn't looking for yarn, honest. I always say I have enough for the meantime, but for a knitter, how much is enough?

They just sort of called out to me. Lovely, anonymous, value fingering-weight yarns, in off-white, butter yellow, and dark chocolate. Butter yellow is Lilo's favorite color, and the rest of the family loves it as much. We also tend to go with the more natural looking shades. The yarn cakes (on average) went for about PhP 125 each (approx USD 2.25). I have no idea how long they are in yards or meters, since these are supposed to be factory/store close-outs. And while I'm not sure, I think they're acrylic. They have that slightly hairy shiny look about them.

When I bought them I had absolutely no idea what they'd turn into. I got 2 of each color. Maybe I'll make small shawls or scarves or maybe a simple knitted tank top...

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